Swedish Massage

Take a moment for yourself with our All Inclusive Rejuvenation Therapies. All of your favorite rejuvenating upgrades like hot stones, scrubs, body butter, aromatherapy are incuded in this truely rejuvenating session.

Rejuvenation massage (Swedish) is given to increase blood circulation, easing the tension in the body’s muscles and improving the muscles’ flexibility.

It stimulates the skin as well as the nervous system to soothe the nerves, reducing both emotional and physical stress. In fact, massage is a staple in most stress management programs!

Book your appointment with us today to feel awakened, balanced, and rested within a warm, welcoming environment.

Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to remove severe tension, recovery massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface. Book your appointment and begin your journey to recovery and well-being.


Jeff W.

That was the best post-race massage! Hurt so good! I was thoroughly impressed that you just got in there despite any awkwardness with my amputation. In the past, I've had several uncomfortable moments with massage and you were totally professional and listened to my needs. BTW... I'll be needing you a lot in 2020 since I'll be diving into ultra running!

Alexis S.

The best massages me and my husband ever get are from here. Everyone is sweet, caring, and have the greatest touch. They pay attention to your problem areas and anything that you feel needs to be touched up on. This place of business is so clean, smells amazing and warm when you walk in. You have all the privacy in the personal rooms that your therapist will be taking you in for your massage. Could not be more please with everything that this place has to offer.

Ashley M.

Love this place, I’ve been coming here for years! I’ve tried many massage places in the past and this place is hands down, the best. Whether you are looking for a more targeted, sports massage or a relaxing massage I always leave feeling better. They are on time, professional and the place is clean.




CTM floss bands are an essential part of your recovery!

- Releases Knots, Trigger Points, and Fascial Restriction In Your Muscles

- Speeds Muscle Recovery

- Increases Range of Motion and Circulation

- Provides an Active and Dynamic Warmup to Muscles and Connective Tissue


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