Ultrasonic Cavitation is highly effective in destroying stubborn fat from the waists, love handles, hips & thighs so the body can eliminate the melted fat naturally.
No Pain, No Surgery, No Downtime.




Ultrasonic Cavitation is a new FDA approved technique, non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal that reduces body circumference and for clients nearing their goal weight to spot reduce the final areas of stubborn fat pockets. It works by using ultrasound to breakdown fat cells and liquefy them. The vibration's impact and movement in the fat cells will effectively cause the fat cells to shrink. The fat is then metabolized and released through the liver and natural means. Treatments are done on areas most desired like stomach, arms, hips and even cellulite, no pain, no downtime, you can go back to work afterwards, it feels like a hot stone massage. Combined with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle you can have the body you always wanted. A workout, an Infrared Sauna session or a whole body vibration session is necessary to eliminate the destroyed fat. Recommend 10-12 sessions for best results.


  • We Get Results!

  • Removal of stubborn fat

  • Body contouring and reshaping

  • Smooth dimples in cellulite

  • Reduction of Stretch Marks

  • Lymph and blood circulation

  • No Surgery

  • No Pain

  • No Medication

This revolutionary procedure was designed in Europe. Results compared to traditional liposuction surgery, but without surgery, no down time, no anesthesia, no hospital stay, no time off from work and no recovery time. Clients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat up to a week following the treatment. Ultrasonic Cavitation is non-surgical, safe, pain free and effective process for fat reduction, to remove cellulite, and create perfect body contouring.

Approximately 80 percent of women have some sort of cellulite, a result of concentrated fat cells that have a rippling effect on the skin causing a “dimpling” look. It is typically pronounced around thighs, hips and buttocks of women. Ultrasound can be used in treatments to effectively contour the body and reduce the fat and the appearance of cellulite.


Radio Frequency treats problem areas by tightening and firming loose, wrinkled or sagging skin anywhere on the body. No Pain, No Surgery, No Downtime.


Radio waves penetrate the patient’s outer skin layers, delivering heat energy to the muscles and tissue beneath. This heat stimulates collagen production and that, in turn, triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction in sags and wrinkles. That is why this treatment is often referred to as a “Radio  Frequency Facelift”.

Radio frequency energy is primarily used to treat skin laxity through facial tightening, but the treatment also improves skin tone and texture. This protocol is FDA-approved as a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and facial skin imperfections. Because it is non-invasive, there is no downtime or recovery. Results are immediately noticeable, and they become even more so in the weeks following the treatment as the build-up of collagen stimulates further skin contraction.



  • Forehead (lifts brows and tightens forehead skin)

  • Under Eyes (thickens skin and tightens and lifts the upper cheek)

  • Cheeks (lifts slightly and diminishes enlarged pores)

  • Mid-Face and Jaw Line (diminishes jowls and sagging along the jaw line)

  • Neck (treats “chicken neck” by tightening skin and diminishing wrinkles)

Radio frequency (RF) Treatment Plan

This protocol is completely non-invasive and painless, with no recovery time. The treatments take 30-40 minutes, and patients can return to normal activities immediately with no side effects other than some redness that resolves quickly. The use of pulsed magnetic fields delivers uniform heating at multiple depths to dissolve fat and cellulite while stimulating circulation, lymphatic drainage, and collagen production. It is a formula that restores skin elasticity to smooth away face and neck wrinkles and eliminate the “flabby” appearance of targeted body areas. Patients can expect to see immediate results that improve with every treatment.

How does RF energy work?

RF is completely non-invasive. The technology works by heating up the skin, and particularly the deeper dermis layer, using a rolling probe emitting RF waves. This energy stimulates collagen production, which triggers ongoing lifting and skin remodeling to tighten skin as the energy shrinks fat cells by causing them to extrude their fatty acids.

What areas can be treated?

RF is ideal for the face, chin line, slack jaw-line and full body, including the abdomen, saddle bags, thighs, upper arms, and hips. It has FDA-approval for the eye-lids as well.

How many treatments does it take to see results?

Typically, the treatment protocol calls for 6-10 sessions. Your practitioner will advise you regarding how many treatments would be best to achieve your desired results. The higher number of treatments is called for when cellulite is particularly deep or skin laxity very severe, which is usually the case in older patients.

How long is the downtime?

There is no downtime. This treatment is non-invasive, involving no surgery, no injections, and no recovery time. You may experience some redness after the treatment, but it should resolve within 1-2 hours.

How soon will I see results?

You’ll start seeing results immediately.

How long do results last?

This varies from patient to patient based on age and skin condition, as well as the patient’s health and lifestyle. That said, results can last from 6 months to a year or more. Longer-lasting results are seen in patients in their mid-30s to mid-50s. Patients in their 60s and 70s will need maintenance treatments sooner.