This 60-minute class the student will engage in restorative poses while focusing on breath control and energy management. Decompress from physical and mental stress, tension, and learn to control and allocate your life energy through a relaxing hour of parasympathetic stimulation on the mat. We utilize various props to create the most comfortable experience for you and your body’s needs. All levels welcome for this one on one private yoga experience.

Recovery Yoga is designed for people who are seeking to understand how their body systems work from the inside out, aiding a safe and healthy yoga practice. Every pose aims to support the optimal functioning of the joints, muscles and organs. This private classes may include both gentle and restorative postures as well as meditation. Give yourself the gift of mindfulness and body awareness in this class rooted in ancient ancient teachings combined with 21st century methodology.

Performance yoga goes beyond promoting relaxation and pain relief.

It can help improve performance and prevent injury - in addition to helping the body recover from injuries associated with physical activity.

Sports can be repetitive, especially for runners, cyclists, racquet sports players and/or weightlifters.


Performance massage helps release that muscle tension and promote tissue repair and muscle balance for a safer next workout.

Sessions are tailored to the clients specific needs. Meaning your session will most often be an area focused yoga based on your regular activities, body alignment, pains etc.



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